Game Submissions

Game Submissions

NTRPGCon  is mainly an RPG (Role Playing Game) Convention

Any game you want to play or run at the Con is allowed. Dice games, card games, board games etc.

The only thing is, we only post games on the site & schedule that follow this rule:

Any game can be submitted and put on the schedule by: Staff Members, Special Guests, Knight Valiants, and winners of the Three Castles RPG Design Award.

All other games submitted by attendees MUST be an RPG or it can't be put on the schedule.


This doesn't mean you can't run a dice game or board game, it just means you'll have to do your own posting and scheduling of those games. You'll have to advertise it yourself since it won't be on the official schedule or printed program. You can post about it in the forums, on the facebook page etc though.

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