Game Ticket Refunds

Game Ticket Refunds

NTRPGCon  does NOT refund game tickets.

One HALF of game tickets are for sale prior to the opening of game registration on April 15th, which is when ALL game tickets not purchased are FREE.

 We use to only have open FREE ticket registration, but some people didn't want to stay up until midnight to get tickets and/or wanted a guaranteed seat. So for the low low price of $5.00 per seat, we made 1/2 of the seats available for $5.00 prior to open FREE registration. If no seats sell, then ALL seats are free.

Be sure you want the seat to the games you pay $5.00 to get a ticket for. If you later find another game you'd rather be in, you can email and request to be removed from the game you paid $5.00 to get a ticket to, but you'll only be removed from the game, you will NOT be refunded the $5.00. You'll have to spend another $5.00 to get in the other game, or wait until April 15th to try and get a free seat.

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