Badge Refunds

Badge Refunds

NTRPGCon  does NOT refund badges for the Con, unless there is some extreme condition that warrants a refund.


Your options if you have purchased a badge and then can not attend are as follows:


Roll Over - We will roll the badge over to the next Con and so forth until you are able to attend. We've had people not able to attend for up to three years, but eventually attend and they've had a badge saved in the roll over queue. Even if the Con price changed, the attendee got to attend since they had a badge already.

Transfer - If you have some one you'd like us to transfer the badge to, we can do that as well. They could have paid you for the badge or you just gave it to them, we don't get involved with that part of if. We just create a new badge for the the user you specify and they get your badge.


Refund - We have done very few refunds, usually due to a medical emergency etc. OR if you never plan to attend the Con again. If it's down to the excuse you'll never attend the Con again, then I'll refund your badge, remove you from the website and mark your account as banned (you banned yourself) and you'll never be able to buy another badge to the Con... at least not online... you can buy one at the door if you like for full price.

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