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Full Sponsorship
2018-06-07 - 2018-06-10
8:00 - 18:00
$ 300.00 6 0 6

Sponsorships are available to non-attendees, but all requests will be approved by the NTRPGCon staff to determine appropriateness.

This sponsorship will allow for the following:

(you are required to provide the materials ie: fliers, posters, banners, booklets, etc etc)

- Product, marketing materials, and publications for your company/website are allowed to be included in the check-in packets for attendees of the Con. (non-sponsors will have a table area for placing these type materials for attendees to pickup on their own)

- You may display a banner in an available space outside your vendor table area (there will be designated areas for displaying banners/posters to be assigned first arrival/first choice at the Con) : thus if you have a Vendor Table and are a Full Sponsor, you will be able to display an additional banner in another location at the Con.

- We will include a 1/2 page B/W ad for your company/website in the NTRPGCon Program

- We will post a link to your company/website at NTRPGCon.com

- We will post a banner ad for your company/website at RPGMarketplace.com

- We will link to your company/website from our Facebook page

- We will list you as a sponsor when advertising any NTRPG mini-cons during the year

- Acknowledgment by Mike Badolato when posting convention updates to websites such as The Acaeum, Dragonsfoot, and more.

: Additional benefits may apply as we find other areas to help our Full Sponsors, theses may also change if some are determined to be non-feasible.

closes 03/31/18

Early registration discount through 10/31/17

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