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when doing game registration, it should allow up to a hour after in which to change which game you want for a slot, it is difficult to tell what is available that you want to play from one slot to the next and so, you may need to adjust. I wanted to try a little of each system and some stuff, but some things were not as clear when I chose them, plus trying to coordinate schedule with family and friends. When I changed my mind a few minutes after, I went to select another open game and the system said you already chose for that slot, which was true, but all it had to do is allow a person to select the game you are now choosing and asked are you sure, this will replace your previous selection, but of course it wont and did not ask. So I will play a game alone while my husband plays another game.

Also, under user profiles, please a section that compiles all the listed events you selected so it can be printed. Otherwise, it works well.

Kara Geilman

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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #279 by ScketreWhisp
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You can always send em an email and I will remove you from any game you have signed up for. Then you can sign up for another game.

Using the "Game Grid" (Game List 2016) is the easiest way to see what games conflict with different time slots. That's the most viewed page on the site... it's under the "North Texas RPG Con" menu option when logged in, but you can actually access it without logging in at:

As for your user profile, there is a a tab that shows all your registered events - you can get to it by clicking the "User Profile" in the left menu over there <

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