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4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #8 by ScketreWhisp
Cook, David 'Zeb' was created by ScketreWhisp
From: David Cook
To: Doug Rhea <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 2015/06/09 07:48
Subject: Re: NTRPGCon


... I really want to say thank you for having me down again this year! I had a great time. I enjoyed running my games and I even managed to play a board game, which is more than I get to do at any other convention.

As always, you were a great host and you run a great convention. So of course I'd be happy to come back next year!
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4 years 8 months ago #62 by Badmike
Replied by Badmike on topic David 'Zeb' Cook
"Cook responded to an ad in Dragon magazine for a game designer position at TSR. After writing a sample module section and completing the designer test that the company then used, Cook became the third full-time game designer hired by TSR. Lawrence Schick was head of design and development at the time and brought Cook on board during a time of substantial growth at TSR. Cook later became Senior Designer.

Notable works for TSR include the role-playing games Conan the Barbarian, The Adventures of Indiana Jones, Star Frontiers, Sirocco, and Escape from New York. Cook also wrote several influential early adventure modules for D&D and AD&D, such as A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity, I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City, X1: The Isle of Dread, X4: Master of the Desert Nomads, and X5: Temple of Death (the 'Desert Nomads' series). Other module work included CM4: Earthshaker!, AC5: Dragon Tiles II, AC2: D&D Game Combat Shield, B6: The Veiled Society, CB1: Conan Unchained!, and M1: Blizzard Pass for D&D and AD&D, and Top Secret module TS005: Orient Express and Boot Hill module BH2: Lost Conquistador Mine.

After Tom Moldvay wrote the second edition of the D&D Basic Set, published in 1980, Cook developed the Expert Set to take characters beyond third level. Cook was the primary author of the original Oriental Adventures, ostensibly under the guidance and direction of Gary Gygax, which among other things introduced the concept of non-weapon proficiencies into AD&D, and he designed the far eastern setting, Kara-Tur. Cook, with Jim Ward, Steve Winter, and Mike Breault, co-wrote the adventure scenario that was adapted into the game Pool of Radiance. Cook was the lead designer on the 2nd edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Cook was also the lead designer on the Planescape campaign setting. When TSR was looking to replace Spelljammer after the setting ended, Slade Henson suggested a new campaign setting could be built on the first-edition Manual of the Planes; after the idea sat dormant for a year, Cook picked it up and invented Planescape as a result.

Cook left TSR in 1994 to work in the field of electronic media. He worked on the game Fallout II. He was the lead designer on the 2005 City of Villains computer game for Cryptic Studios. After he left Cryptic, he joined Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment as the lead systems designer for the video game Stargate Worlds. In 2001 he was inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame.

As of 2013, Cook works as Content Designer at ZeniMax Online Studios on the The Elder Scrolls Online."

From Wikipedia

Mike B.
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4 years 4 months ago #145 by Charcon
Replied by Charcon on topic David 'Zeb' Cook
Zeb is officially family. No old folks home for him...we are kicking out the kids and he will get their room(s).

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