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4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #10 by ScketreWhisp
Kovacs, Doug was created by ScketreWhisp
From: "D.K."
To: Doug Rhea <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 2015/06/09 11:22
Subject: Re: NTRPGCon

Cool. Thanks again for having me again. I can't even compare cons anymore because they all seem good.

I played a bunch of board games and card games this year and occasionally handed the helm of DMing over to a player in my games so it was all good. Got to play games with Joe Goodman , which is something that hasn't happened since his kid (and DCC) was born. I ate a ton of meat and drove around a lot in the heat in a big truck in Texas this time, and even went to see some live music Friday night , so my experience outside the con was great too this year.

I have my painting stuff stashed at James McGeorge's house , nearby so I can just start that public painting right up again next year.

Good luck with everything over the next year.

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4 years 4 months ago #211 by Badmike
Replied by Badmike on topic Doug Kovacs
Although Doug has illustrated for the Dungeons & Dragons game from WOTC, he is probably best known as the artist of record for the Dungeon Crawl Classics game by Goodman Games. Doug has painted every cover image for the new DCC game as well as the intricate cartography gracing the interiors. Doug’s unique, vivid style has been widely praised as hearkening back to the sensibilities of the old school era of gaming, and for providing the type of inspiration needed for DCC’s “Appendix N” type of adventuring.

Mike B.

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