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Badmike wrote: I think the guy who said his wasn't signed finally looked at it closely and found it was signed, numbered and remarqued he just didnt notice it at first since it was on the print itself. Don't know if anyone else is claiming theirs was not signed/numbered/remarqued.

"Sorry I need to correct myself here... turns out mine is signed, was just signed in the dark part of the print and I didn't see it until I looked at an angle. But clearly there. So I can confirm #3 and #4 were signed, so at most only the first couple went unsigned, if any at all."

Mike B.

That was meeeeee :evil:

Yes, I did find the signature and number it is quite hard to see but it is definitely there. Mine is #4, and I personally witnessed Jeff sign and number #3 when I was standing at his table, it was sold to the guy ahead of me. Then I did NOT see him sign and number mine, because I was in at the cash register paying, Jeff had it all rolled and bagged by the time I got back to his table. When I got home I looked at it and not seeing the signature I thought "holy crap he didn't sign it" but in fact he did, just in a strange place in the dark part of the print, which is NOT where he signed #3. But alls well that ends well, mine is indeed signed.

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