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3 years 1 month ago #657 by ScketreWhisp
Auction Winners was created by ScketreWhisp
Deluxe Edition El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury
and Daemonic & Arcane - Steve Getty

Dragonlance Bestiary of Krynn hardback
signed by Margaret Weis - Robert Badolato

Dragonlance Legends of the Twins hardback
signed by Larry Elmore - Tina Clevenger

Chainmail 3rd edition 7th print - Mike Cary

Jaquay's signed art print Dragon Crag #187 of 500 - Marshall Mahurin

TSR Coffee Mug 1994 - Mike Badolato
TSR Coffee Mug 1994 - Zach Glazer

Quests of Doom (pathfinder) signed - Glenn Sheridan

Whisper & Venom boxed Set (signed) - Craig Denham

TSR Dawn of the Emperors boxed set (S&W) - Steve Getty

Gary Gygax's DJ Mythrus Rulebook
inscribed by EGG to Steve March - Bill Meinhardt

Volos Guide to Monsters posted - (Gold on Blue) - Mike Cary

NTRPGCon 2017 White T-Shirt - James Goodwin

Arduin Grimoire Trilogy boxed set - Zach Glazer

Castles & Crusades White box CE shrink - Eric Garland

Dragon Magazine # 5 (Andre Norton label) - Kevin Watson

Dungeon Magazine #1 - Kevin Watson

Jim Roslof sketches - Darren Smith

Erol Otus Acaeum Limited print # 19 of 65 - Krista Webb

Dragon Magazine # 1 - Eric Garland

Palace of the Vampire Queen (fair+ int / good ext) - Thor Biofore

Lloyd Metcalf original color art - Chris Henson

Guidon Chainmail 2nd Ed - John January

Dwarven Glory 9th print - Jeff Imrie

D&D X3 Curse of Xanathon (japanese) - Robert Badolato

Jeff Dee 2011 Kickstarter 13 Cards
Egyptian Deities - Marshall Mahurin

TSR Silver Anniversary boxed set (shrink) - Jason Gardner

Tales of Peril #1 proof - Ian McGarty

Tower of Bells #1 - Bill Meinhardt

Jeff Easley 2' x 3' painting - Skel w/ axe (painted on Thursday) - Matt Roberts

Jeff Easley 2' x 3 ' painting - Bat on Skull (painted Friday) - Shawn Poynter

Giant Map by Frog God - Bill Meinhardt

Greyhawk 11th print (near mint) - Wes Marshall

Mark Nelson art 8 1/2 x 11 (drawn Friday) - Tom Wilson

Hive of the Waspmen by Steve Winter
player copy #4 of 5 - Jeff Imrie

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