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1 year 4 months ago #1025 by ScketreWhisp
Tabletop.Events - Ideas/suggestions was created by ScketreWhisp
They actually have a place to post "ideas" or "suggestions" to make the site better... I personally see this as a place for Con Admins to submit things they'd like changed to make it easier to run the Con... but users can make their input known as well

The ideas are ranked by how many "votes" they get and there is a secondary percentage number that it track what percent "skip" the idea vs those that "vote" for it.. which tells me, that even if your idea had the most votes, if the total number of people that looked at the idea "skipped" it, the percentage of interested parties would show most people don't really want that idea and this why waste time on it.


To help me get some of my suggestions UP the list a bit, I am going to post the ideas I have submitted since I want them to have lots of votes... now I am not telling you to vote yes (though I'd prefer you do).. and some of these I didn't submit, but I agree with and want to see implemented as well. AND of course you can look at others and vote on them and/or submit your own.

Don't allow "hosts" to buy tickets that conflict with their own event

Allow partial refunds

Transfer tickets between badges

Pay on the site without saving the credit card info

Approve vendors for more than one area

Allow events to use ALL rooms/table without having to manually select

Allow ANYONE to buy merchandise WITHOUT a badge

Set ALL Events at the Con to $x.xx in one place, vs editing each event type

Set ALL Events at the Con to make 100% tickets available in one place, vs editing each event type

Switch to NOT allow editing/canceling etc of Events once scheduled

Allow the Admin to MOVE tickets between Events on a badge

Allow Events with multiple sessions ie: Event has 2 parts, you buy ticket 1 it auto put ticket 2 in your cart and at the same time won't allow someone to buy a ticket to #2 by itself.

Notify DM/GMs via email with specific info when someone gets a ticket to their game

Only allow specific badges types to submit specific event types ie: attendees can ONLY submit RPG games, SG/Staff/KV can submit any event (it's the Con rules and I have to police it manually at the moment)

You can't buy a ticket to an event on a day your badge doesn't cover, so why can you submit and event for a day your badge doesn't cover ?
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