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3 years 9 months ago #400 by Carl
Any tips for a first timer? was created by Carl

My wife and I will both be attending in 2017. We are not very experienced con goers. We play basic d&d. Any advice for first timers?

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3 years 9 months ago #403 by wjaehnig
Replied by wjaehnig on topic Any tips for a first timer?
Hmmm... first time at NTRPG... what would I advise?

Well, take advantage of the early bird Con registration, which Doug (our Con co-founder) says will start sometime in early October. It saves you a bit on Con registration and gets registration out of the way. Although this year (2017) we'll be moving to a new and larger host hotel so there probably will not be issues with the capped attendance that we've seen in the past. So maybe early registration is slightly less important this year but it still saves a few dollars so not a bad idea.

Then sit back until April when game registration will start (you must be registered for the Con before you can register for game slots in April). If you're a GM/DM and want to try running a Con game for others you can submit it through this site a few months ahead of that, but perhaps for your first Con you'd rather just play. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Anyway, next April is when the actual game registration is, and you'll want to mark that carefully on your calendar as some of the very desirable games fill quickly. There will be a time chart and event descriptions on this site that will be filled in as games are submitted (by the GMs/DMs) and Doug adds them to the schedule.

At the Con itself... try a little bit of everything, maybe play some games you wouldn't normally play. Meet some good people. Mingle with some gaming luminaries. There are very few games that can't be taught in a few minutes at the table so don't be afraid to register for something you haven't played before.

As the Con is quite some time from now (9 months-ish as I write this) be sure to check back either on this site or the NTRPG facebook page so you keep yourself informed of the registration dates... there are 2 you need to be aware of: a) when Con registration opens, and b) when game registration begins. As long as you keep track of those dates it'll be a breeze.
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3 years 6 months ago #486 by GiGGles
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Dont be quite and shy go in there like you know everyone and have a ball...

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