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3 years 1 month ago #663 by ScketreWhisp
Artist Panel - Bob Bledsaw Jr. was created by ScketreWhisp
Here is Bob's sketch and his explanation:

My third son, Sam Bledsaw, plays D&D with the survivors of my
father's original gaming group from 1974.

His Ranger character had a bad run-in with a magic-user; result being he
ended up with the legs of a chicken! In exploring Tegel Manor,
he chanced upon an automaton named Pindler, which became his handy
companion. Pindler has lock-picks for fingers, a compressor in his head,
and a forced-air gun in his nose which fires ice shards up to 50 yards.
As I have only played one session of D&D in all my years of gaming (that
with Frank Mentzer at NTRPG 2015), I used these characters of Sam's more for the young kids in the crowd than anything else.

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