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3 years 3 months ago #570 by Ambreville
Anyone for D&D BECMI? was created by Ambreville
Hi gang,

I'm running a D&D Expert Level game Friday and Saturday. There are still seats available.



Come and join the Amazing Flying Circus! The illustrious traveling attraction advertised its need for artists, deckhands, and—oddly—experienced warriors and wizards. Rumor has it that a circus star went missing inexplicably, and that a number of horrific and yet unsolved crimes have taken place backstage. With overtones of Barnum & Bailey with a zest of Cirque du Freak, the Greatest Show on Calidar is certain to offer unbound color and fascination, as well as an ominous mystery to solve. This D&D adventure is intended for player characters levels 5-6, using Basic-Expert game mechanics. General understanding of the D&D game is sufficient to participate. Knowledge of the World of Calidar isn’t required.



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