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We test played this at a Warehouse Meetup a few months back and it worked out pretty well. Play testing this helped me to see the big picture and I have adjusted play accordingly. We didn't finish as it was so late in the evening (after a full day of other games), but everyone got the gist of the game and developed some strategies for future play. I have 2 Scenarios fleshed out (working on a 3rd one) and will let the players choose.

Scenario 1: 2 teams, 2 (or 3) players per team, 2 Gladiators per player. A capture-the-flag type game with players attempting to overcome obstacles (man and animal) to retrieve one of the Emperor's Gems and exit the Arena. The catch: There are only 4 Gems for 8 people! Let the bloodbath begin. Many new weapons (Maul, Mace, Bows) and terrain features with a few twists to make it interesting.

Scenario 2: This is more of a cooperative type Scenario. It is a "kill or be killed" game with everyone's Gladiator working towards the same goal: Destroy the Emperor's crack Gladiators before they destroy you. Lots of teamwork and strategy and also LOTS of combat!

++Regulars from the Warehouse Meetups are able to use their Gladiators from the Colosseum Campaign in the Gladiator Royale Scenarios and will be able to keep any XP earned -- if they survive!

If a game you were in has fallen through or you couldn't get into a game you wanted, come on by and try your luck in the Arena.


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