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As the name implies, this is a man against everything contest. Each player will have 2 Gladiators and will be teamed with another player. There will be 2 teams of 2-3 players with 2 Gladiators apiece (4 or 6 Gladiators per team). The object is for each team to enter one side of the Arena, which is decked out with terrain and wild animals, and trying to reach a center platform with the Emperor's Amulets. You must retrieve an Amulet to exit the OTHER side of the Arena. Easy as that. Oh wait, there are only half as many Amulets as beginning Gladiators! (4 Gladiators per side, 4 Amulets) You MUST have an Amulet to exit. You must get one ANY WAY POSSIBLE. After the first 4 players with Amulets have exited, the remaining players will be "punished" accordingly.

While trying to retrieve the Amulets, there will be animals of all types in your way along with other Gladiators trying to stop you or get YOUR Amulet for themselves. This game features weapons of all sorts including missile weapons (bows, javelins, spears) to help you. Remember: You must acquire an Amulet, and it does not matter where (or who) you get one from. So in the end, a teammate of yours with an Amulet may be your only ticket out of the Arena!

In this game you will need all your wits about you and be able to work with others to achieve your goal. In the end, the game is about YOUR Gladiators getting through, so you must be ready to do what has to be done. For new players of Gladiator, this will be a wide open free for all that will test your courage and strengths and learn the game as you go, engaging in both animal and Gladiator combat. For the veteran in the Arena, this game will test your knowledge of animal combats and one-on-one Gladiator combat strategies. Your Gladiators will earn Experience Points that can be carried over from Con to Con (if you survive) that can be used to better your Gladiator for future contests. Owners in the North Texas Colosseum Campaign (warehouse games) will be able to use any of the Gladiators from their stable (folder) in this game (I will have your folder at the Con). XP earned in this game will transfer to your character in the Colosseum Campaign. Though this game takes a spot from other games, walk ups will be allowed. Just let me know if you are interested. If you have a game that ends early or cancels, come on by!

If there are not enough sign ups for this game, I will run a Circus Maximus race using the new Circle 8 track. High speeds and lots of action in the center of the track where it crisscrosses make this an exciting race. If not enough for either, I will run some open Man vs Animal combats or Man vs Man -- whatever you want. Time permitting, we may run both Chariots AND some Gladiators! So, even if you do not sign up in this time slot, come by when you have time and learn or watch some Gladiator or Chariot action -- you will be glad you did!!

Emperor Bob
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