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It's almost time for the event of all events to be run. It's the World Cup of horse racing -- Circvs Maximvs. As we speak, owners are training their horse teams and getting their strategies ready for the main event. But to get to the main event, you must place in the top 3 in one of the four Factional Qualifiers to represent either the Red, Blue, White or Green Faction in the Final. The other qualifiers will be your "teammates" in the Final on Saturday. As the returning champ, Ben Barsh will race alone representing the Black Faction in the Final and will not have to race in a Qualifier.

For the first time, finishers of last Con's Final will be using their seasoned Chariots to try to place in one of the Factional Qualifiers, trying to get another crack at the Champion's Trophy. Since last year, all finishers from the Con Finals are able to earn Experience and Roman sesterces (money) to better their Driver/Horse Team/Cart for future Cons. This consists of Armor for Driver/Horses/Cart, Crossbows, Caltrops, and deadly Whips. You just have to qualify for and finish the Final race to be able to carry your Chariot over from year-to-year. Carry-over racers from the inaugural XP/money earning race are: Gary Oliver, Thomas Loose, John January and Heather Gardner (Champion from 2014). They will still have to race in a Qualifier, but will have their upgraded Chariots to help them out.

Remember to secure your spot in one of the 4 Factional Qualifiers. If one fills up, sign up for another one. If you don't place in one, walk-up at another one (space permitting). If they all fill up, I will take walk-ups if space is available. Don't miss your chance to walk away with the Champion's Trophy and a one of a kind Champion's T-shirt by not entering a Factional Qualifier. You can't win if you don't race, and even if you race you may die a bloody death. All is fair when racing in the Circvs Maximvs.

Emperor Bob
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4 years 4 months ago #224 by Badmike
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There is a rumor that Zach Glazar, disappointed at his poor performance after winning a championship many years ago, is coming into town to hone his skills before the actual convention. Sadly this will probably have little effect on the outcome, but give a thumbs up to the plucky gnome for trying to recapture his glory....

Mike B.

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4 years 4 months ago #233 by Badbob20
Replied by Badbob20 on topic Circvs Maximvs
It would be awful if people teamed up on him during his practice run...

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4 years 4 months ago #234 by nogrod
Replied by nogrod on topic Circvs Maximvs
I hate you and the things you like.

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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #254 by Badbob20
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Okay, Doug said he has been getting questions from people about things I said last year in regards to the carry-over of Chariots from Con to Con and XP earned. Doug writes:

"I've had some peeps from last year claiming that you said last year that as long as their chariot a qualifier, they would be allowed to gain XP and thus bring a better chariot back in the future...Where as supposedly you said this year that you only get XP if you qualify...which isn't the same as finishing...that's placing in the race. I think it needs to be if you finish you get XP in hopes of qualifying in the future."

My answer:
You only gain XP and money if you QUALIFY in a qualifier (top 3 spots), which then sends you to the Finals. All other chariots are tossed. If you qualify and then FINISH in the Final, all finishers earn XP and some money and are then able to use that chariot again the next year. These people still have to enter a qualifier and qualify for the Finals in the next year (except for returning Champ), but will get to keep using their upgraded chariot from year to year as long as their Driver doesn't die. If they DO NOT qualify and DO NOT make it to the Final in any given year, they will still be able to use their same Chariot from year to year but will earn no XP or money at that Con since they did not qualify and did not reach the Final. They are able to enter another qualifier in the same Con in hopes of qualifying. Basically, if they have a chariot where the Driver does not die, they will ALWAYS have that chariot to use year to year. If your Driver dies, your Chariot is gone and you must roll up another Chariot and Driver from scratch. With your winnings, you may heal your Driver or Horses, fix your wheels or purchase Armor/Weapons. Horses and Drivers regain 1HP per race (qualifier or Final) but without money, they will be running with injured Horses, Drivers or damaged cart Wheels. No money, no fixie! This may be enough of an incentive to put this Chariot in your "stable" and start up with a new one.
Now, theoretically, players can own more than 1 chariot if they decide not to use their carry-over chariot and want to make a new one. This chariot will have to
be used for the whole Con and they cannot bounce between chariots from qualifier to Final. They will then have a "stable" of chariots to choose from at each Con,
but may only use 1 for qualification purposes unless 1 dies. Then they will be able to use the other one in another qualifier if the first one is destroyed. This is from the sheet I made last year and had at the Con (same one!):

Factional Qualifiers --
1st 15xp 5000s
2nd 10xp 2500s
3rd 5xp 1000s
*Only top 3 earn money and XP

Finals --
1st 20xp 6000s
2nd 12xp 3000s
3rd 9xp 2000s
4th 6xp 1500s
5th 3xp 1000s
Others 1xp 500s
*Winning Faction Bonus = 1000s (Only for Factional teammates of winner, not winner)

All other XP earned (damage to Driver/Horses/Wheels, etc.) is still accrued for ALL
finishers in the Finals.
A player may lend money to another Faction member BEFORE the Final to help him get his Driver/Horses/Wheels fixed up as this would behoove him helping his partner in the Final. He is not obligated to do so.

The problem with letting people accrue XP even if they don't qualify is they could purposely NOT qualify in 3 Qualifiers, then in the 4th Qualifier have
a super star chariot with 3 races of XP under their belt. Too powerful. The sheets I had last year are the same ones I have this year and specify as above: If you don't qualify, you have to make another chariot to try to qualify in another qualifier. You only earn XP and money IF you qualify and will ALWAYS earn some XP and money if you FINISH the Final.

For this Con the only carry-overs are:
Qualifier Finals
Ben Barsh 1st 1st (Returning Champ)
Gary Oliver 3rd 2nd
Thomas Loose 1st 3rd
John January DNR* 4th
These were the ONLY finishers of last years Final!
There were only 3 Factions represented last year.
Heather Gardner DNR** 1st

In a lot of the qualifiers last year, many racers died. Some qualifiers did not show up for the Final. In the Finals a lot of racers died.
DNR* -- (Did Not Race) John was in a qualifier with 3 or less people; auto qualification. He only got XP for his place (random draw for 3rd) and 1/2 of unused Endurance (14XP) but did not gain a monetary award (no money if no race).
DNR** -- Heather Gardner was the last Champion (2014) before I decided to have carry-overs so I gave her XP earned and monetary prize for her win. If she comes back, she will have to qualify before racing in the Finals again.

Hopefully this answers any questions. If not, feel free to email me at the email from the Con registration site. Just click my name and it should come up. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #255 by Badbob20
Replied by Badbob20 on topic Circvs Maximvs
Since people have now begun earning some money, you may want to spend some of that to put a hit on your racing nemesis. Here's how:

BOUNTIES: A bounty may be placed on any Driver by any Owner up to any amount at the Owner’s disposal. More than one Owner may place a Bounty on the same Driver. The Bounty is paid to the Driver of the Chariot that destroys the target. The Bounty is paid at ½ for wrecking the Chariot and ½ for killing the Driver. Bounties may be placed in Factional Qualifiers or a Final. A Bounty may be placed by an Owner not racing but that owns a Chariot that has sesterces to spend. Any other Bounties placed by a non-Owner will be placed with REAL money and have an exchange rate of:
$1 = 10s
$5 = 50s
$10 = 100s
$15 = 150s
The real money will be donated to the Con charity (see Charity Game). Before each race, the Moderator will ask if any Bounties will be in effect at the start of that race. A Bounty may be placed at any time at the beginning of a new turn by letting the Moderator know.
Hopefully this will let people burn off their aggressions in the nicest way possible :evil:

There are a few more rule tweaks that I will go over before play. Nothing very exciting, just some rules that needed to be fixed or explained better to make the game run easier.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Con. I will be emailing info to all registered players very soon. Last year there were so many complaints from other tables due to our noise, Doug has put us up in a boardroom...where no one else has to hear us scream!!!
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