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3 years 3 months ago #173 by odinist
The Gooblitts of Punchstein!! was created by odinist
Game Title: The Gooblitts of Punchstein
Game System:
Mithgarthr RPG (5E-based)
Number of players: 4-8
Pregens/Level of characters: yes / 0-1
World/Setting: Mithgarthr
Game Info: The town of Reichenbach, in the barony of Punchstein, is a pleasant place. Situated along the Klaarwasser, a tributary of the Punchzug River, Reichenbach is known for its friendly population, for their annual "Kindervolk Glücklichfest", and for the doppelbock ("Ten Scythes") that their largest tavern serves. All in all, Reichenbach is a typical, quiet, pastoral town.

The town's peaceful vibe is shaken up when giant beetles begin what seem to be coordinated attacks on the larger businesses. The players, zero-level commoners local to Reichenbach and its surrounding villages, must take up the challenge of hunting down the creatures and who-, or what-, ever is controlling them.

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3 years 3 months ago #179 by glenn
Replied by glenn on topic The Gooblitts of Punchstein!!
This sounds super cool. I am in!! :)

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3 years 3 months ago #180 by SmokestackJones
Replied by SmokestackJones on topic The Gooblitts of Punchstein!!
The other Glen is in too. B)


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3 years 2 months ago #198 by odinist
Replied by odinist on topic The Gooblitts of Punchstein!!

One of five large towns in the Barony of Punchstein, Reichenbach is a peaceful burg situated where the Kleinfluss river meets the Klaarwasser. To the west of Reichenbach is the quaint Reichklein Wald, a small forest used for logging by the folks of Reichenbach. Not much further west rises an arm of the Suderberg mountains known as the Punchstein Crags. To the east is the Klaargabel Wald, a dense old-growth forest generally avoided by common folk. On the other side of the Klaargabel Wald lies Mittplatz, another of the barony's towns which is larger than Reichenbach. The area is bordered to the south by the Klaarwasser, and to the north lie the rolling, lightly wooded hills that the Barony of Punchstein is known for.

Although it is thankfully very rare that the folks of Reichenbach have to deal with the beasts and creatures that call the Klaargabel Wald home, the town is still fortified with a stockade which runs its perimeter and a well-maintained fence encircles the surrounding farmlands. A few small trails run from the town to its closest farmsteads, and the logging trail to the Reichklein Wald is also kept in good repair. Otherwise, there are no proper roads to or from the town. Any travel to the nearest hub of civilization, Mittplatz, is only a short travel by ferry down the Klaarwasser. A small trail does run along the river between the two settlements, but it rarely used since traveling by boat is quicker.

The land cleared for farming around the town is rich and fertile thanks to the rivers. A good majority of the townsfolk are farmers and goat ranchers, and more than a few fish the river for bass, catfish, and walleye. Reichenbach almost never wants for fresh food.

Another common industry in Reichenbach is mining. The foothills of the Punchstein Crags are rich with iron, copper, opal, and to a lesser extent silver. The surrounding hills are pockmarked with old mines. To the locals' lament, they have lost many old mines to foul creatures who have made them their homes. To the more adventuresome types, the old mines sing songs of glory and riches.

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