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LeBlanc/New Big Dragon Events: 2016 NTRPGCon was created by NewBigDragon
Thursday Night: Cold Fingers of Fate (low level BX D&D + Basic Psionics)
Friday Night: Catacombs of Kadmos (intro level BX D&D)
Sunday Morning: Halls of Trianta/d30 Dungeon (BX D&D: adventure created at table w/ d30s)

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Game Title : The Cold Fingers of Fate 
Date/Time : Thursday Evening
Game System : B/X D&D (+ Basic Psionics)
Number of players : 5-8
Pregens/Level of characters : yes / 2nd-4th
World/Setting : Generic

Game Info :  In recent days, the lands north of Sramol Jungle have been plagued by the appearance of planar lesions. At the suggestion of the mysterious old man outside the village of Phoumi Sramol, you've headed off to investigate. After entering the dark passage in the lower level of Kar Slab shrine, you find yourselves at a gatehouse built in an extradimensional junction. Inside the structure, a number of gaunt blue-skinned men stare blankly at you. You're not sure you know why, but you have a feeling they are in need of your help... and they've probably been expecting you.

This adventure picks up where PA1: Vault of the Faceless Giants leaves off, bringing the characters to the the first major encounter area of The Tangle (the sprawling underground network of encounter locations that will act as the framework for PA2: Spawn of Xumaltet).

Additional Info: This game utilizes the Basic Psionics Handbook, but no prior knowledge of the system is required for play. Although this is a playtest adventure, each participant will receive a special event copy of the adventure in its playtest form. Only 12 of these printed/numbered copies will be produced.

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Game Title : The Catacombs of Kadmos 
Date/Time : Friday Evening
Game System : B/X D&D
Number of players : 4-7
Pregens/Level of characters : yes / 1st
World/Setting : Generic (but Greek-influenced)

Game Info :  Every year, the Festival of Kadmos is celebrated far and wide, particularly by those who appreciate and value the written word, for it was Kadmos who introduced the alphabet to the world of mortals. Normally, one particular letter is recognized each year from among the 24 that make up Kadmos’s alphabet. But every 25 years, the celebration is especially grand, as it honors the entire alphabet. On these quadracentennial feasts, Kadmos calls young men and women from the far reaches of the realm to rise up and prove themselves. Once the hopefuls have gathered, the priests of Kadmos hold a lottery. From among the gathered number, they choose a handful of challengers who will be sent off to face the Catacombs of Kadmos—a challenging complex of puzzles and monsters intended to prove the worth of those who face it. 

Additional Info : This adventure is both newbie and family-friendly (i.e., no adult content), but can be deadly nonetheless. 

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Game Title : The Halls of Trianta (d30 Dungeon)
Date/Time: Sunday 9am-1pm
Game System : B/X D&D
Number of players : 4-7
Pregens/Level of characters: generated at the table w/ the d30 DM Companion
World/Setting : Generic

Game Info :  Beware the dreaded rhombic triacontahedron, for it will determine your fate! From the characters you play, to the rooms of the dungeon you'll explore, to the encounters you have while you're there... your rolls will determine your adventure! You'll even be making your “to hit” rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws on a d30!

Additional Info : Don't have a d30? There will be plenty of extras on the table. Also, feel free to bring your d30 Companions, but you shouldn't need them.

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