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NTRPG con 2016 Midnight Auction was created by Badmike
This event is quickly becoming the only event that matters at the con...skip everything else and show up at Midnight in the Centreport room for the most incredible time ever....well, listen to what these attendees say:

"The Event of the Century!"---Erik Tenkar*

"Our winnings at The Midnight Auction got our very rocky marriage sailing smoothly, thanks Satan!" Mike and Liz Stewart*

"More interesting than anything I've ever written!"---Zach Glazer*

"Overwhelmed by the value and variety of incredible items offered!"---Bill Meinhardt*

"More artistic than anything I've ever drawn!"---Jason Braun*

"I hope I can fit into one of the Devilette costumes, I'm coming as Zach's guest next year, I can't wait to see you @#$%^&'s!" Janet Napolitano*

"I was cheap slave labor and didn't even get paid to write down everyone's name and bids!"---Lloyd Metcalf*

The legends have only grown in first two years of the auction, which featured any number of odd, unique, unusual, and sometimes even rare gaming items, most starting at a buck. Some good cheap deals were had, and as a bonus, there was a "Satanic Panic" portion of the auction where Old Scratch himself, Satan, arrived to sell off a few goodies and engage in a few cheap laughs. It was irreverent, a bit risque, somewhat bawdy, and just what you would expect an after-hours aucton would be. To Satan's surprise (he thought they were working a Metal Die Tool convention in Chicago) the Devilettes showed up, in all their lovely glory, ably assistng and adding more class to the procedure than anyone could imagine. This year will be bigger and better, more items, more jokes, more surprises, and possibly even more Satan. Any suggestions to improve (hah!) or include in the Midnight Auctions in 2016, please post here!

Mike B.

* All Quotes have possibly been created by Satan and were probably not actually uttered by the attendees in question
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