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Sunday Crashvs Maximvs was created by Badbob20
Third year of running this at our Con and it looks like it is becoming a fan favorite. This is a one-shot, roll-em at the table, winner take all race on a Circle 8 track with lots of chances for mayhem and blood. Awards for the top three finishers. Each racer is allotted an amount of money to outfit his/her chariot. Will you load up with offensive firepower (caltrops, crossbow, combat whip) or run a more defensive, safe race (armored wheels/horses/driver)? Will you run a light chariot (speed) or come in like a wrecking ball (heavy) and wipe out the competition? Your choice. If enough racers, will split up and start racers from each end to maximize bloodshed in the middle. No factions or friends in this race, just 3 laps of "Me, Me, Me" racing. I ran this at Snow Con in Maine in January and will be running it in Shreveport in 2 weeks at Red River Con. Hope to see you on Sunday for a nice send off from NTRPG Con 2019!!

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