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I had a wonderful group of people last year that really helped work some of the kinks out of this scenario based Gladiator game. We played all out warfare with 2 groups of Gladiators (2/player, 8 total) with 2 starting from different ends of the arena fought their way to the center, battling the Emperor's progressively better Gladiators to try to win King-of-the-Hill game. New rules I have been working on should make this go much quicker. Also, Gary Oliver is 3D-printing an arena for me which will look much better and stay together better also! Along with this is the playtested and animal combat heavy "8 Gladiators in, 4 Gladiators out" scenario. I will also be letting players do 1, 2 or 3 gladiators VS animals (or other Gladiators!).
I have also been working on a scenario with 2-horse chariots with driver and archer/spearman in the Arena. This time slot is for any of these games (majority rule) or in some cases, more than one type going at the same time. So if you have ever wanted to try Gladiator but didn't feel comfortable playing or not understanding the rules, this time slot is for you. Walkups are always welcome here, but if a scenario is played, signed up players are given preference over walkups. Come on out and try your hand in the Arena -- you will be glad you did!!

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