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I already have 4 early birds signed up for the Tourney (smart!!) and 12 spots up for grabs. Don't wait till the last minute and get shut out! (Last year's champ hasn't even signed up yet!) Along with the incentive of the Diesel LaForce sculpted trophy and the Doug Rhea produced winner's t-shirt, just the prestige of killing 5 other Gladiators to become the NTRPG Con 2019 Gladiator Champion should be enough to get you hooked. Don't wait too long, spots will be gone before you know it! REMEMBER: Gladiator does NOT take away from playing any other games. Bouts are fought in your free time (but finish by Friday PM) and take between 5-30 min. I will run combats anytime I am not running a Chariot qualifier. So bring your friend (or enemy) and get your fight on!! ***I will have a standby list for players that don't get in in time but would like to play -- every year at least a few of these people get into the Tourney as some people never check in with me and miss their chance to fight. Just come to the Elm room at the Con and let me know. I look forward to crowning a new champion (or old?) this year.
Bring with you a pencil, 3D6, a Gladiator name and a game plan for a fight to the death to see if you have what it takes to be crowned the 2019 Gladiator Champion!!

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