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Barsh’s Annual Saturday Night Game
Game Title: Palace of the Vampire Queen: Curse of the Crescent Throne
Game System: AD&D (1e)
Number of Players: Eight (8)
Pregens/Level of Characters: 5th – 7th; Provided
World Setting: Misty Isles
Time Needed: Four plus (4+) Hours or until Satan’s Midnight Auction starts
Session: Saturday night, 6 pm Dinner with the DM, 7 pm game start

Short Description: She is simply called the Vampire Queen; a being so powerful and evil that the mere mention of her name raises shrieks of horror and anguish. Her reach is seemingly infinite and her machinations sinister beyond the understanding of mortal men. But those very same mortals must stop her. The path to victory leads to only one place, the Palace of the Vampire Queen! Here is your chance to end the menace of the Vampire Queen by invading her sanctum – a place few alive have seen, and none survived to tell the tale.
Palace of the Vampire Queen: Curse of the Crescent Throne is the fifth and final adventure in the Vampire Queen saga. This adventure is designed for the First Edition game using six to eight characters of fifth to sixth level.

The Event officially starts at 7 p.m., but I will host Dinner with the DM starting at 6 p.m. I will provide pizza, wings, and probably something else. Drinks are BYOB, though it is rumored I often bring a certain libation…

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