Topic-icon Ninth Annual AD&D Open Tournament: Venger's Final Wish

1 year 5 months ago #1013 by bbarsh
Ninth Annual AD&D Open Tournament
Game Title: Venger’s Final Wish
Game System: First Edition AD&D
Number of Players: Eight (8)
Pregens/Level of Characters: 3rd – 5th; Provided
World Setting: Misty Isles
Time Needed: Four (4) Hours
Sessions: Wednesday (evening [ 6 p.m.]), Thursday (noon), Friday (morning slot)

Short Description: This is a single round event – only register for one session. There are prizes for each team, based on finish.

Dungeon Master has been missing for years. The diminutive, and incredibly evasive wizard, led you on quest after quest – all in hopes of finding a way home. A home in another dimension! But after two years of high adventure, the elusive solution – your way home – never materialized. Regardless of your heroic deeds, the ultimate prize eluded you at every turn. Then, Dungeon Master simply vanished. Not in the irritating and down-right disrespectful manner as his usual callous quest-creating form, but altogether. He was simply gone. You and your friends were left alone, in a dangerous world, facing foes that include the dragon god Tiamat and the arch-mage Venger! You have spent the last 10 years searching for a way home and surviving the dangers that haunt your every move.
Now, after all that time, you had a dream – a dream in which Venger pleads for your help! Something has happened at his citadel. Something horrific. But the arch-mage has pledged to reveal the way home if only you will come to his aid. Every bone in your body screams, trap. But you are tired; it is time to face the villain head on and end your captivity in a world that is not your own.

You get to play one of the characters made famous in the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon! Your team will have four hours to finally end the madness or die trying. Each player selects one of the original six characters or any of the NPCs featured in the cartoon series.

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1 year 3 months ago #1043 by grodog
Looks like fun, Bill!---I'll see if Henry wants to enter this one! :)


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