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2 years 1 month ago #926 by Badbob20
Gladiator Royale was created by Badbob20
Looking forward to running this for the first time this year. Playtests have shown it to be very action packed with some twists and turns to keep it interesting. Would love to have a full complement of players, but 3 will do, as will any number up to about 6. This game can accommodate more than 4 players. (Walk-ups welcome -- the more the merrier!) Since this has never been played at a Con, I have never had to actually get everything together for this. Since there are actually players this year, I am on the ball! Will have a 3D printed layout with different levels to combat from from water to elevated walkways. I have about 30 Gladiator figures painted and ready for action! Depending on the scenario, team work or individual strategies will be used against powerful enemies or animals. Looking forward to seeing you in the Arena where only the toughest will survive!!

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