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T1 The Thing in the Valley – 10th Anniversary Edition
Game Title: T1 The Thing in the Valley
Game System: AD&D
Number of Players: Eight (8)
Pregens/Level of Characters: 3rd – 4th; Provided
World Setting: Misty Isles
Time Needed: Four (4) Hours or until Satan’s Midnight Auction
Session: Saturday night, 7 pm start
Short Description: It’s my 9th Annual Saturday night AD&D event and I am going to roll out our 10th Anniversary edition of Pacesetter’s first module, The Thing in the Valley. The adventure has been significantly expanded and revised – so if you’ve read or played it before, never fear…new deadly encounters await. Be the first to play it, well, and probably die – it is a convention afterall!
A terror has come to the valley community of Riversmeet. Farmers, herdsmen, and woodsmen have fallen victim to a mysterious and horrific creature. Amidst the terror, questions go unanswered— what is this terrible fiend, where did it come from, and what is its dark purpose? The call has gone out to summon a band of adventurers to put an end to The Thing in the Valley.

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