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I'll be submitting at least one more, but here' my first one.

Game Title: The Purple Worm Graveyard
Game System: OD&D/Planet Eris
Number of players: 8
Pregens/Level of characters: no / 1-3
World/Setting: Planet Eris
Game Info: When the largest and most ancient of purple worms know that the time of their death is near, they make their way through rock, earth, and water to the legendary Purple Worm Graveyard. The graveyard is said to lie somewhere in the mountains between the Sands of Nod and the Jungles of Brool, but its exact location is unknown. Now and then an adventuring expedition sets out on a hunch or clue seeking the graveyard. Most return empty-handed and dispirited. Some never return. But a few, just enough to keep the legend alive, come back with whispered tales of subterranean fields littered with a fortune in purple ivory, unguarded and ripe for the take.

This is an expanded version of the original Purple Worm Graveyard by Tony Dowler. Characters will be created at the table. Existing Planet Eris, OD&D, or Swords & Wizardry characters may also be used, pending DM approval.
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