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What Depths Zenopus
Eighth Annual NTX AD&D Tournament
DM: Bill Barsh
Rules: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Time: 4 Hours
Players: 8
Pre-generated Characters: Provided, Level Range is 3rd-4th.
Time Slots: Wedneday Night, Thursday Night, Friday morning
Beneath the ruined tower unknown terrors await those brave enough to venture forth. But with those dangers are hidden treasures and items of magical power. This year, the tournament reaches back into the very beginning of D&D to feature the previously unknown and hidden dungeons beneath the fallen tower of Zenopus! Yes, the sample dungeon from the Holmes basic D&D boxed set has been fully detailed as only Pacesetter can. But not only have we stepped back in time, we are stepping back on the complexity. It’s a treasure hunt, nothing more, nothing less. The team that collects the most treasure in their four-hour time slot are the victors. Even if everyone dies – not uncommon to the tournament – its all about the gold.
Each team will have four hours to murder hobo* their way through the dungeons of Zenopus and gather all the treasure they can find. Pre-generated characters are provided. * Thanks Jim Wampler. Prizes supplied by Pacesetter Games & Simulations.

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