NTRPGCon - 2018

Welcome to the North Texas RPG Convention! The NTRPG Con focuses on old-school Dungeons & Dragons gaming (OD&D, 1E, 2E, or Basic/Expert) as well as any pre-1999 type of RPG produced by the classic gaming companies of the 70s and 80s (TSR, Chaosium, FGU, FASA, GDW, etc). We also support retro-clone or simulacrum type gaming that copies the old style of RPGs (Swords & Wizardry, Castles & Crusades, and others). ANY RPG games are welcome at the Con, be it D&D 4e, Pathfinder, or something we haven't even heard of, just be sure you can fill a table with 5-6 people before you ask to have it added to the schedule...

Our 10th annual convention dates are: Thursday June 7, 2018 @ 0800 until Sunday June 10, 2018 @ 1800

During Registration period, you can buy Con T-Shirts, and purchase discounted "squeaky cage" tickets in preset quantities. (you can also purchase Vendor Tables, Convention Rooms, Sponsorships, and Advertising)

The Early Bird Discount is $20.00 and is available through Oct. 31, 2017. The Standard Discount is $10.00 and is available through March 31, 2018. The discounts are listed during the checkout process, click them to use them, or don't and we appreciate the extra money :)

Please look around, read up and register if you plan to attend. You must pay for one day or a weekend before you are able to register for a game.

1/2 of all seats at all games are available right now at $5.00 per seat. BUT the other 1/2 of the seats and all unsold seats will be available for FREE at midnight on April 15th (midnight is the start of the day ie: late April 14th).

If you want to sign up to run a game, please buy your badge, then select the "Host" drop down box and submit your game.

The Con will be held at theĀ Westin DFW Airport Hotel : 4545 West John Carpenter Freeway, Irving , Texas 75063. It's just north of the airport. We have a special rate for con attendees ($108.00/night) that is in effect until May 15th, 2018 so don't delay in getting your reservations.

We have the following confirmed guests at this time (Bill Barsh, Jobe Bittman, Bob Bledsaw Jr., Jason Braun, Chris Clark, Michael Curtis, Darlene, Jeff Dee, Jeff Easley, Matt Finch, Ernest "Skeeter" Green, Allan Grohe, Jeff Grubb, Allen Hammack, Lance Hawvermale, Jack Herman, Jon Hershberger, Alex Kammer, Tim Kask, Doug Kovacs, David "Diesel" LaForce, Stephen Marsh, William Meinhardt, Frank Mentzer, Erol Otus, Terry Pavlet, Steve Perrin, Stefan Pokorny, Merle Rasmussen, John D. Rateliff, Mike Stewart, Paul Stormberg, Dr. Dennis Sustare, Jeff Talanian, Jim Wampler, Bill Webb, Steven Winter). The lineup usually includes several of the more important figures in the history of RPGs as a whole and Dungeons & Dragons in particular.

Hope to see you here !